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Windmills 3SF Trailer

18 min   |   Instructor: Jeromeskee

Windmills 3SF: Learn the Windmills in 3 steps. This training course is the most comprehensive guide into mastering the windmills.


Learn simple strategic drills and exercises to conquer the windmills in half the time.  It's a proven system that has created powerful breakthroughs.


  • Learn The Windmills 3-Step Flow: "The Kick", "The Collapse" "The Bridge"

  • Concepts: "Jar Motion Method,"  "1,2,3, Collapse," "Driving The Wheel"

  • FAQs

  • How to flow your windmills

  • Hip and shoulder bruises prevention

  • How to wrap your wrist, B-Boy/ B-Girl style

  • Advanced wrist stretches and exercises

Trailer | Windmills 3SF
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