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Complete Guide For Beginners & Intermediate Levels

"Everything You Need To Know About Breaking.

Save Yourself From Injuries And Frustrations, All Techniques Revealed."

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Level Up Your Dance Game!

Could this be you: Have you wanted to dance and do Breaking (Breakdance) moves, but fear looking awkward and being judged by other people?

Let’s keep it real. Be open with me...

>>  Have you ever heard music and were feeling it, you wanted to dance or tried to… but you got so nervous about looking stiff or being off beat, that you stop yourself from even trying?

>> Have you ever built up the courage to take a dance class... but then when you got there, there were so many other experienced dancers in the room that it suddenly made you feel nervous, shy, or anxious and looking for the nearest exit?

>>  Have you seen cool Breaking moves and flashy tricks, wanted to learn… but second guessed it because you were intimidated or let the fear of getting injured stop you?

>>  Have you tried to Break and started to feel the flow… but you lacked endurance and strength, feeling weak and winded, so you just decided that it would be easier to fake the moves versus going all in and risk not looking good?

>>  Have you felt like you reached your plateau - maybe you have been breaking for a while, have tried “it all”… but you hit a wall and you’re now looking for ways to reach your next level and become more advanced?

>> Have you been overwhelmed with all the videos and information out there… but have been searching for that one trusted resource that would teach you all you needed to know about Breaking?

Maybe you haven’t even tried to Break because you keep asking yourself...


"Am I even capable of doing it?”

If you’re like I was when I first started Breaking, then you’ve been in one or more of these situations… multiple times.


| Is This A Good Fit For You?

There are some people who should NOT buy this course. I’m going to be upfront because I want to make sure this is a good fit for you.


  • If you are not open-minded and optimistic about improving, please don’t buy this video coaching course.

  • Don’t buy this if you are looking for a “system” that will magically turn you into a pro overnight (that doesn’t exist).

  • Definitely do not buy this if you think that you can achieve any results with little to no effort or discipline – this course is not for “lazy people."


Everyone has a starting point, and only through applying yourself emotionally, physically and mentally can you achieve superior results in your Breaking game. This course is for those who are serious about taking their Breaking abilities to the next level.


If this sounds like you, then "Way Of Breaking" is the blueprint you need to achieve the results you've always wanted. 

"I’ll show you the exact steps and give you detailed coaching to help you become more successful with your Breaking."


"Way Of Breaking" provides a collection of proven material that’s been tested and honed close to 2 decades to ensure students achieve top-notch results. This course will save you time and confusion when learning how to be a true B-Boy or B-Girl. Everything we cover in this video course will prepare you to Break in front of anyone and everyone at anytime.


The bottom line is that all my best training I’ve ever shot over the years is in this course, and I didn’t leave anything out.

Here it is…

| Dance

>> Learn how to be smooth and look natural when you dance.

>> Avoid the fear of looking too stiff or awkward while dancing.

>> Master how to flow with music and connect from one move to another.


| Break

>> Discover the inner dance game and Breaking secrets.

>> Learn musicality, how to freestyle, cipher, and battle, power moves and more.

>> Deep dive into the art of Breaking, learn the history, philosophy, and culture.

| Workout

>> Double your endurance and strength.

>> Target exercises to build up mobility, stability, and speed.

>> Exclusive training techniques to maximize your Breaking.

Master Over 100 Moves And Powerful Concepts

| Look at everything that’s in the course:

Bonus #2

Way Of The B-Boy


1h 22 min

Instructors: Fever | Jeromeskee, Massive Monkees | And More...

Way of The B-Boy, a Full-length, visually eye- popping documentary and instruction course in one, featuring three generations of b-boy and their dance; methods that have evolved, while staying based in a solid foundation.


Check out the real accounts where this dance has been and where it is going, from the originators of the style, to the stars of today. Learn the history of the dance, the moves and motivations of the style.

  $20 Value


1 2.PNG

30 min   

Instructors | Aaron Walker "Loud" | Jeromeskee

Learn to Feel The Beat Through Musicality And Rhythm Exercises

  • The essence of music & ryhthm

  • Music terminology & breakdown by master drummer, Aaron Walker “Loud”

  • How to master different rhythms & techniques

  • How to flow & adapt to music

  • Freezing on-beat exercises

  • Musicality & rhythm combinations

  • How to groove & bounce

  $20 Value


1 3.PNG


Instructors | Bobby Drake | Jeromeskee

Learn How to Freesytyle And Rock a Cipher


  • 3 approaches of how to enter a cipher (dance circle)

  • “Semi-freestyle method” exercises to learn how to master freestyle

  • Advanced freestyle "call-out" exercises

  • Rock the Cipher Top Rock Combo

  • CC combo

  • Back rocking

  • Advanced chair freeze combos

  • “Crawl method” footwork endurance exercise

  • Advanced thread combination

  $20 Value




38 min.  |  Session 1

Instructors: Hocine | Jeromeskee


38 min. |  Session 2

Instructors: | Jeromeskee

49 min. |  Session 3

Instructors: Sammy | Jeromeskee

Double your performance through drills that help build physical fitness! BreakFit Challenge is a unique training program that combines elements of breaking with proven methods of fitness training. It's a program for people with all levels of experience, no dance background necessary.

Exercises are built around mobility, stability and strength.

Dance, have fun and maximize your potential!

  $60 Value



45 min 


Rock"Hus | Jeromeskee

Learn How to Battle From 2x World Champions

  • Powerful battle tactics

  • Endurance battle workouts

  • Etiquette & protocols of battling

  • Psychology of battling

  • Do's and Don’ts

  • The “Attack Concept”

  • “Blue Line” theory

  • Battle confidence

  • Jeromeskee’s battle routine

  • Hocine’s battle routine

  • Battle top rock combo

  • “4-step" battle footwork concept

  • Advanced freezes & tricks

  $20 Value


1 4.PNG

33 Min | Foundation Fundamentals

Instructor | Jeromeskee​

Comprehensive Guide To Foundation Fundamentals


  • 7 wrist conditioning exercises & stretches

  • 5 top rock fundamentals

  • 5 footwork fundamentals

  • 7 freezes: foundatioal to advanced

  $20 Value


Body Rock 2.PNG

28 Min | Power Moves Now

Instructor | Jeromeskee

Fundamental Power Moves (The "Flashy" Stuff)

  • Swipes

  • Master Swipes

  • Turtles

  • Master Turtles

  • Hand spin

  • Crickets

  • Jackhammers

  • Flares (Intro)

  $20 Value


Body Rock.PNG

18 min 

Instructor: Jeromeskee

Windmills 3SF: Learn the Windmills in 3 steps - The Most Comprehensive Guide For Mastering Windmills

  • Learn the Windmills 3-Step Flow: "The Kick," "The Collapse," & "The Bridge"

  • Concepts: "Jar Motion Method,"  "1,2,3, Collapse," & "Driving The Wheel"

  • FAQs

  • How to flow your windmills

  • Hip and shoulder bruises prevention

  • How to wrap your wrists, B-Boy/ B-Girl style

  • Advanced wrist stretches & exercises

  $20 Value


1 3.PNG



Instructor | Jeromeskee


Intense Ab workouts for Breaking!

  • 10 Workouts

  • Strength and balance

  • No gym equipment necessary

  • Core workouts essential for Breaking

  $20 Value


Body Rock.PNG



18 min

Instructor: Andre'


Adding Another Element To Your Style & Flow With Salsa Dancing

  • The physics of spinning

  • Salsa hand techniques to add to your style

  • “Mouse trap” catch & release method

  • The art of spinning & shifting body weight & energy

  • Salsa footwork patterns

  • Directional changes & adaption

  $20 Value
Musicilaity | Preview

Powerful Techniques And

Mental Tools To Master Breaking



It is my life's mission to constantly continue learning and to pass on my knowledge and years of experience to those who can benefit from it. When I've asked the masters of Breaking worldwide what their core philosophies are, they all stress the same thing -- after years of mastering the dance, they are still very much a student and they have never stopped learning.


I have seen firsthand how breaking has transformed people's lives. I created Way of Breaking to share my years of experience with you. Learning the art, elements, and techniques of Breaking will change not only your physical ability, but your mental approach to dance, movement, and music too.

Way of Breaking is the most comprehensive Breaking video course online today. It is unmatched in the quality and quantity of instruction it provides. Learn from my wins and losses, and save yourself from many of the frustrations I had to go through in my early years of Breaking.

If all the knowledge you gain from this course helps you avoid looking "uncool," awkward, or sloppy on the dance floor, it will pay for itself many times over because confidence coupled with skill is a priceless commodity.

So you must be thinking by now, what does this cost??

The cost of this entire video course with 8 hours of training footage is valued at $240.



Way Of Breaking  Video Course
  • Way Of The BBoy Movie          
  • Musicality
  • Freestyle
  • BreakFit Challenge
  • Battle
  • Foundation Fundamentals
  • Power Moves Now
  • Windmills 3SF
  • Body Rock Abs
  • Salsa
$20 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value
$60 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value
$20 Value

I am offering the entire course, one year access, for only $97 for a limited time ($8.10 per month).

$240   ($143 OFF) : $97

Here’s How It Works…

When you click on the "Access Now" button below, you’ll be taken to my secure order form to input your credit card information. (There is also an option to order via PayPal if you choose).

1. Email

>> Input your email address and create an access password of your choice. Confirm it by checking your inbox.

2. Payment

>> Input your payment information into my secure order form. You will receive an email conformation.

3. Access

>>  Log in using your email address and password you created and click into the Members Area to get instant access!

Your transaction is secure, using our verified server. All personal information is encrypted to ensure your privacy and security.

The purchase process takes just a few minutes and then you’ll have instant access to the Members Area. I'm looking forward to welcoming you into The Way of Breaking. See you on the inside!

Take This Video Coaching Course RISK FREE for 30 days


Your purchase is RISK-FREE. Give this video course a try for 30 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, then I don’t want your money. Simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your date of purchase, and I will promptly issue you a refund for the course; no questions asked.

Go ahead and study the course for 30 days. It is completely risk-free.

So go ahead and secure your course…

Yes, Jeromeskee! I want 24/7 access for one year NOW!

NOTE: The entire course is online. You will have 8 hours of content that you can watch immediately.

When you click on the button below, you will see a secure order form where you can get access  RISK-FREE in minutes.

Wishing you all the best with Breaking,


- Jeromeskee | Massive Monkees

Everyone Says “Get A Mentor”

Easier Said Than Done!


Just about every successful person will tell you that the quickest way to breaking success is to find a mentor – someone to take you under their wing and show you how it’s done.

Real world guidance and knowledge is most definitely hard to find. This is why I created Way Of Breaking for you.


“Beware, Jerome's passion for B-boying will make anyone want to quit their day job and become a full time B-boy/B-Girl. I have to say that breakin' is something that I've always been interested in but never thought I could do at my age. Not only is it fun... it's great exercise.”

- Dr. Shannahan | Age: 37 | Summit Family Chiropractic

"Jeromeskee is the best teacher I ever had."

- Sammy Teckle  | Age: 26 | B-Boy/Performer

"A fantastic coaching course,! Not only did I learn the fundamentals of Breakdancing, but also the history of the dance, the art form of it, and the culture it's built on. It's amazing!!!"

- Noah Ranola | Age: 16 | Student

"I would highly recommend Jeromeskee. Learning different tricks and learning different steps are all broken down."

- Scott Oki | Age: 71 | Former President of Sales and Marketing, Microsoft

"It is always fun, and always challenging. He really teaches you to come into your own and bring out your inner B-Girl.  In all my years of dance experience, Jeromeskee is one of the most experienced, nicest and progressive teachers I have had."  

- Shyama | Age: 30 | Pro Sky Diver

"As an international Circus performer, I have been lucky enough to work and learn from a great deal of talented people. Jeromeskee is one of them, he is right up there amongst the very best. Not only is he a world class B- Boy,  but he is also a world-class teacher.  He has the knowledge and the technique to teach you everything, but he also has this positive energy that puts you in a place where you really feel that you can succeed.  He is a true master."

- Gregory Marquet | Age: 45 | Former

Performer, Teatro Zinzani

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