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Way Of Breaking

"Master Powerful Breaking Techniques That Most People Will Never Know"

Way Of Breaking
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Why This Isn't Just Another Breaking Course?

>> This is NOT just another “how-to” tutorial.

>> This is NOT just videos of flashy moves and tricks - though you will learn them quicker than you could on your own.

>> This is NOT intimidating  - though it will help you advance your  Breaking so that you will never feel intimidated again.

>> This is NOT a video course that's complicated or hard to follow.

Way Of Breaking is the


  • This is not a video course on  “how to be a pro B-Boy or B-Girl”... but, if you follow the coaching, you will see massive improvements in your dance skill, rhythm, flow, groove, endurance, strength - and that's just the beginning. 


  • This is the fastest way to learn "it all" while avoiding injuries, and you don't have to have any experience.


  • This is a video coaching course to teach you how to double your endurance and strength for Breaking, dance smooth like a natural, execute flashy moves, and connect with the music.

  • It's workouts, philosophy, drills, inner game secrets, step-by-step coaching, Breaking history and culture, and so much more. All the coaching is taught from your point of view so it's simple, fun and easy to follow.

  • If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of rhythm,  lack of endurance,  lack motivation, lack of moves, lack of confidence, or lack of time... This is the what you’ve been looking for! 



Learn It Fast

Learn It Safe

Step-By-Step Coaching

Easy To Follow

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Premium Coaching


 2x World Champion | Jeromeskee

Massive Monkees Crew


With almost 25 years of breaking experience, 2 decades as a teacher, a career as an international competitor and judge, and a performer for hundreds of events, concerts, and TV shows around the world, Jeromeskee has now refined, simplified, and delivered his core strategies through "Way of Breaking" that will amplify the high-impact results you have been seeking. Now is the time to level up your dance game!

Jeromeskee's proven, powerful methods and techniques have been tested with over a thousand students worldwide.

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